Plant Health Care Technician

R&S Landscaping

R&S Landscaping

27 Greenwood Ave , Midland Park , NJ - 07432

Amy Punyon

Job Description


· Horticulture/Turf related educational background

· NJ Pesticide Applicator’s license (or within 60 days)


· Excellent plant knowledge.

· Desire to learn & improve

· Positive attitude

· Ability to work with people and communicate effectively

· Ability to forecast, recognize, and diagnose insect and disease problems and schedule the appropriate treatment

· Knowledge of insects and horticulture disease activity

· Ability to determine life cycle of pest

· Ability to read labels and mix chemicals accurately and safely

· An excellent attendance and tardiness record.

· Ability to communicate with customers and upsell company wider services.



·  Oversee the efficient production of plant health care services. Work with Division Manager for continuous improvement of PHC services, paperwork, and production.

·  Monitor PHC sites monthly and provide knowledgeable recommendations and feedback to customers through monthly PHC Site Reports

· Ensure all properties are serviced in a timely and productive manner based on route list.

· Schedule supplemental treatments as needed

· Serve as a back-up for specialty crews and PBM crews.

· Identify and maintain inventory of site plant material

· Map sites indicating existing plant materials & conditions

· Collect samples from the field for identification and treatment

· Recommend control strategies based on Integrated Pest Management principles

· Apply pesticides for spot treatments

· Install Enhancement projects as requested.

Sales and Customer Service

· Accurately follow company procedures for work authorization, work orders, change order, and routing procedures.

· Enter any complaints & resolutions into the call log.

· Pro-actively speak to customers regarding additional recommendations for health & appearance of their property.

· Estimating and sales of PBM, LHC, and Maint. services.

Shop, Vehicle, Materials, Equipment, and Yard Maintenance

· Inventory, maintain, and order all PHC and LHC chemical stock

· Keep PHC and LHC shop areas organized, clean, and safe

· Assist in keeping plant material organized, watered, and pest free

· Assist in keeping maintenance shop and yard clean and organized.

· Keep assigned truck clean, maintained and organized.

Training and Safety

· Practice safe pesticide storage, handling & application procedures.

· Adhere to and enforce all safety policies and procedures.

· Wear company uniform and work boots at all times.

· Continue education progress by attending classes and seminars.